what shall come when i get bored…

To the april birds and may bees… consider this, David Ogilvy once asked Sir Hugh Rigby, Surgeon to King George V “What makes a great surgeon?” Sir Hugh replied, “There isn’t much to choose between surgeons in manual dexterity. What distinguishes the great surgeon is that he knows more than other surgeons.”

It’s the same with creating marketing campaigns, the most effective are created by those who know more.

So expect links, opinions, open ended brainstorms on current campaigns…

MY FIRST REAL POST, actually, will be overview the relatively current music marketing campaigns by Arcade Fire & Nine Inch Nails, assess the pros and cons of each while addressing the use of similar initiatives in future campaigns…

after that I’ll take a look at some mobile marketing & wireless content stuff and how effective marketing campaigns can best utilize this medium

and I’ll get obnoxious about what is wrong with current campaigns while highlighting who is getting wicked and innovative (essentially why I’m jealous…)

then some interviews

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