the future, Conan?

A day after Bob Lefsetz pulled quite the funny April Fool’s Day stunt, in a joint announcement with Apple, EMI Music announced it is “launching a DRM-free superior quality downloads across its entire digital repertoire and that Apple’s iTunes Store will be the first online music store to sell EMI’s new downloads.”

Read full press release here.

Kind of funny how everyone, including me, thought this would be an I love bugs event with Heather Mills dancing about, err, with Beatles songs we know and love being demonstrated on some sort of crazy Apple device with album artwork SO clear (OMG it’s the Video iPod HD 100,000 GB, 10 Billion songs!!! jk).

Whether April 2nd, not April 1st, will be the day the music industry is saved will be argued but not judged for sometime to come. What is for certain is 1 of the 4 majors is taking what seems a step in the right direction (after many many steps in the wrong direction) even if the trophy reads “the one we hate least” by a world of fans who love music, just not the price they pay or the percentage received by the actual artists/performers.

Ahh… as for the price they pay, that which everyone agrees is TOO much, it’s ACTUALLY GOING UP!!!! Under the shroud of DRM-free this development may soon be regarded.

Check out what Pitchfork has to say.

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