Long-er Tail Whags Music Marketing Dog

Blackberryless, possessing a new (short) haircut, and reconnected with the interweb and telephone after a few days of relaxation, book reading, tv watching, and sun, I discovered 13 voicemail messages and a couple interesting stories courtesy of Digital Music News relating to Chris Anderson’s Long Tail and my one man posse’s entrepreneurial theory.

The first is not related at all to ‘content’ but ‘experience’, in this case the concert experience; though Live Nation seeks to increase per-show profit margins in far different manner from the GA model, it is further evidence that music continues to thrive (it’s the antiquated record label model that isn’t) and supports the argument that a band like The Crimea can afford to buy their own drinks without a label/distributor provided they tour, sell out their shows, and develop a fanbase.

The second also relates to experience while also relating to content. Last.fm will begin layering videos into its current audio recommendation fun-ness: “bands are artists will be able to upload their own content onto the service, a move that almost guarantees gargantuan content volumes.”

So, it’s like this: form a band, find a garage, write/rehearse songs while working other jobs, play shows, record EP, sell limited release vinyl at shows for fans and allow fans digital content for free, play shows, have fans (or me) capture live audio/video content, play shows in other area codes, and so on and so on…

I can go on and on… but the old model–a band being a ‘grunge’ band or a Brit pop act–of a band being marketed, really truly earnestly, and it’s music being ‘set up’ and dictated by a release schedule just isn’t working–and with access to SO much more music than 10 years ago, neither is the 2 year wait between album releases.

I’ve said and argued it ad nauseum for too long, but bands can be like political candidates, a band ain’t shit without its fans as a senatorial or presidential candidate isn’t worth his or her silk panties without voters.

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