SICK SICK SICK [Kinda Sick…]

Sick Sick Sick is an all right song but not Queens of the Stone Age’s most interesting new song–my favorite is “3s and 7s” with that guitar lick, and the coolest part is its inclusion with the release of the Era Vulgaris snippet video where essentially Josh Homme is saying “hey, check out my new awesome new guitar lick, it’s better than what you’ve been working on, right?”–but what I find disappointing (but not too disappointing because now I can tinker with it and use an alternate version in the future) is this QotSA MySpace blog post which I just read: “Sick, Sick, Sick” is now available online. Go to iTunes to get what you know you want. Oh yeah, someone said the doctor is now all geeked out on the interweb. Said DrInsideIM was the place to check. Whatever.”

Josh Homme is hooked on the interweb with Google alerts for his name as well as those of his bands, so my original idea for this facet of the Era Vulgaris marketing/promotion campaign was to involve a AIM beta club based around QotSA’s Dr. Inside persona. But the BIG IDEA also tinkered with the whole “beta club” concept: a 5 round online competition for a fly-away that starts with 50 rabid Queens fans and progresses to 555,555 at the time the final found is ‘defeated’ which would thereon ‘release’ the first single, via video montage, email/SMS alerts.

Regardless, sure wish I lived in LA or at least was in town for the May 19th “get together” between Josh and his wife’s ex-husband Tim Armstrong, which should get ‘interesting’ as the two have a long-standing beef.

Also, while I’m on the subject, all apologies to another friend (Andrew Barnett) who was forced to ask me to stop making that Queens of the Stone Age new song noise at SXSW after we hosted the Era Vulgaris advance listening party at the Levi’s/FADER Fort.

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