tip of the ice berg

The NY Post published an article today that leads with “The embattled music business, unable to sell enough CDs or downloads, is now selling advertising.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The next move will come after the realization that artist’s passionate fanbases is where the real action is at. Take any band with a fanbase of a few hundred thousand, most of which are ages 16-24 or so, and offer them premium prize, and what you get is a few hundred thousand willing participants.

Participants in what? Anything… It’s not a sell-out because it’s about fans and their favorite artist’s music or content.

Fans are not just another drop in the ocean.

Want an example? All right, one recent idea I had when looking over upcoming album releases was to debut new music by having fans ‘search’ for it using Yahoo’s new search engine PANAMA. The whole week long campaign to find the music will display each of the search engine’s features & improvements, create buzz for the new service, AND AND AND introduce it to a highly elusive demographic.

Great minds think alike it seems, as this summer Universal will promote The Bourne Ultimatum with “the ultimate search for Bourne on Google”.

I’ve been brainstorming ways to involve brands that OWN elusive demographics, media entities such as WWE, and will propose a few creative marketing/promotion campaigns that take advantage of their passionate fans.

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