Music Industry Electioneering [Music Marketing, Contesting & Developing Artist Fan Bases]

I mentioned exactly this previously, but running locally focused yet nationally occurring campaigns is just one text message away. What does one text message away mean? It means an artist or presidential candidate can personalize their relationship with its constituency & rally their base in seconds.

10 years ago Jeff Buckley had an ornate golden book where fans attending his performances could enter their name/contact info, that got them emails related to album releases or tour dates, now it’s so much more and so much faster.

At first glance, this related story about Mefeedia’s latest ‘big discovery’ from the Music Industry News Network seems like progress is being made.

“We’d be crazy not to take advantage of the new technologies that allow us to connect with the fans out there,” says Jeremy Rosen, New Media Manager for New York’s Roadrunner Records. “Technology now allows music lovers to become active participants in a band’s marketing and promotion in ways that were just too expensive or complex before. We love that, of course. But it’s also just an awful lot of fun too, to see what people create.”

It’s just an awful lot of fun to look over Roadrunner’s artist roster too, it’s a collection of the NFL Draft’s Mr. Irrelevents.

The article mentions recent user generated music video contests by Bjork, Incubus, and Modest Mouse. A couple of similar recent campaigns not mentioned in the article was the Junior Boys contest with Imeem and The Decemberists video contest that grew in popularity with the help of Stephen Colbert.

So why the hate?

Well, for one the Junior Boys video contest was actually my idea and commenced when Domino sent over an “In the Morning” 12″ (that was actually warped but still sounded great) to me and thereon arranged a meeting a week later, AND because at some point (like right now), this promotional initiative is giong to get really stale and everyone is going to realize ‘oh, all these videos are of the same song’.

On the other hand is the same song but different versions, live versions, people collect baseball cards, stamps, etc. it’s just the way the human brain works, when someone enjoys something they desire more of it.

Were Grateful Dead fans happy with studio releases? No No and No.

The real game is using fans to generate ‘new’ content, if the Junior Boys are playing a 500 capacity venue and two fans in that market have video cameras the performance should attend for free, record the video with audio recorded off the sound board, and participants given a small equity stake (even if it’s limited edition swag).

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