Facebook Widgets?

CNet today speculated Facebook’s big announcement Thursday will be the addition of Facebook widgets:

word began to circulate that Facebook was working on a deal to introduce third-party widgets into its member profiles. And early in May, several blogs reported that Facebook was rumored to be launching a music service on Monday–a bit of speculation that does not appear to have been true. But one thing that is confirmed is that Facebook will hold an event in San Francisco on Thursday that the company touts as “the unveiling of the next evolution of Facebook.”

Like China, the once isolationist Facebook finally opened its site beyond $5 Facebook Flyers, to dangerous outsiders a couple weeks ago with a classified ads service and now this, whatever it is that will come.

What will come?

I am almost certain Facebook’s leadership has access to Al Gore’s internet and they probably know a thing or two about what has happened when little guys become big guys, when the pending matters of the little guys that often dictate their baby’s future are not settled–at the time of their development from outsiders to insiders.

Mark Zuckerberg is positioning himself as the anti-MySpace, anti-YouTube, anti-America Online.

Essentially, the recent developments acknowledge that MySpace was growing lame, and with its sale to Rupert Murdoch even lamer (Facebook’s users are the same demographic becoming politically empowered in masses for the first time since the Vietnam War and they’re doing so in large part as a reaction to those who share his political beliefs); now, with time, MySpace, as a brand will surely fade & remain significant only because it facilitates keeping the perpetuation of relationships either found or reconstituted through its site.

Like AOL, they’ll go into a ‘retention’ phase where they’re paying all the NOW artists boatloads of money to offer ‘exclusive’ content, while outsourcing so many once vital positions, so the cost to remain a member is so little when people do the ‘what if’ scenario–what if I change my email address and it enters ‘Aunt __’ spam mailbox, will we remain in contact?–they’ll remain members, provided they don’t want to drop off the face of the earth.

I mentioned this post Sunday.

This is what happens time and time again.

Nothing ‘great’ will come to MySpace because of News Corp’s backing.


MySpace will only be tainted. The power, and direction of the site, must remain in the hands of its users. To remain significant, Facebook must continue to empower its users.

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