Entertainment Marketers of the Year REVISITED

After the first read, a cursory one, I thought AdAge’s list of Entertainment Marketers of the Year was pretty interesting, I’ll have a post on what we can really make of it which is the cross-media partnerships/sponsorships, and a few great marketing campaigns & marketing minds were recognized (Steve Rifkind, Doug Dobie, Julie Willis).

For the most part, however, AdAge’s ‘Special Report’ leaves me baffled in a number of ways.

Why is Oren Aviv ranked #2 on the list?

I’m not saying he isn’t hugely talented, but AdAge cites the box office success of Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest… not sure that was all that unexpected, I mean a family movie, a Disney family movie, a Disney family movie that is a sequel to an already hugely successful (Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl grossed over $650 million worldwide) Disney family movie featuring Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Keira Knightley?

Kevin McCollum produced a Broadway musical… he HIRED Situation Marketing & SpotCo.

Why? Because he produces Broadway musicals and knows nothing about entertainment marketing…

Jeff Blake & Valerie Van Galder are credited with the success of Casino Royale & The Da Vinci Code. Again, a MAJOR movie franchise starring a new actor in the role of James Bond that also received excellent reviews and the best selling novel that’s been released in 44 different languages, sold over 60 million copies, with a plot about the main characters in this little book called The Bible which has sold over 6,000,000,000 copies worldwide in more than 2,000 languages and dialects.

I don’t consider The Da Vinci Code online initiative to be a movie marketing campaign so much as a Google promotion because it highlights Google’s new features and was only available for those who signed up for a Google personalized homepage. It was a way for Google to use the highly anticipated movie and the author/book’s fans and create NEW Google users.

Yahoo should’ve made it a priority to be the search engine used for The Bourne Ultimatum online campaign set to kick-off this summer.

How else do they expect to get a large number of people to use their new features right after their unveiling? People don’t just sit at their computers and decide to check out maps of Europe for no reason at all.

I, unfortunately, managed one of the worst marketing campaigns at SXSW though it was only ‘bad’ because Zune wasn’t an official sponsor–no, really–which is why SXSW is becoming not so cool, for more evidence of this use a search-engine to find SXSW lawsuits, because they’ve sued countless people. Regardless, if you haven’t attended Austin’s music industry festival, please chill on the hate, it’s like a 4-day stage for labels and artists (often playing numerous showcases and parties that amounts to like 5-8 performances in that same 4 day period) to announce what they’ll be delivering in the near future. To some degree, being obnoxious on is kinda the point.

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