Creative Marketers of the Year & the DIY Marketers of the Future

My post yesterday on AdAge’s Entertainment Marketers of the Year got me thinking.

If Adam Curry’s thesis on the future of content holds true–the 5/50 rule: in 5 years 50% of all content will be user-generated–who are the up-and-comers with the real marketing vision to create successful campaigns five years from now?

A successful music marketing campaign gives an artist’s release legs and does so by utilizing love, one’s love for an artist because their efforts are real and cheap (or free…). And the music industry is incredibly resourceful, its marketing & promotion tactics can be applied to any new product or service.

Case and point is Steve Rifkind, included in AdAge’s list of entertainment marketers.

Here’s a few folks–I’ll add more when I have a minute to dig through my bookmarks and find proper linkage–who not only will still be unleashing creative entertainment marketing campaigns, but are currently creating work that will unleash a whole new generation of marketers:

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