Transforming Fan Culture Into User-Generated Content

MIT Convergence Culture Consortium for Comparative Media Studies has an interesting post on their blog today, Transforming Fan Culture Into User-Generated Content: The Case of FanLib.

FanLib’s site states they’re dedicated to promoting and celebrating fan creativity, they do this by allowing fans to create content collaboratively, such as an episode (or fanisode) of Showtime’s The L Word–which must’ve been interesting.

Not sure it’s for me but I like the idea.

Their current partners are: HarperCollins, Penguin Books, Showtime Networks, Simon & Schuster, Star Trek, and Starz.

FanLib reminds me of FanCorps. Record labels have street teams, but often they’ll have reps working multiple artists at once, and when they hire an outside company to execute work in the field, those reps work multiple campaigns at once as well. The passion for the artists promoted is certainly lost. This isn’t the case with FanCorps as they build national street teams from their core fanbase up.

This brings us back to how best to transform fan culture into user-generated content.

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