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(uno) Last week or so I mentioned AdAge’s list of Entertainment Marketers of the Year then commented how I wasn’t exactly in agreement when it came to Oren Aviv (a man who could swallow me in a matter of seconds…) ranking atop the list, well it seems the marketing efforts for Dead Man’s Chest are proving more effective than the third installment of Pirates, At World’s End, as Take 5’s numbers for the movie’s two week total are $216.5 million, 41.5 million (or roughly 16%) less than that of its immediate predecessor.

(dos) A band’s new album I mentioned a few weeks back, Editors An End Has A Start, leaked around the time of my last post. The record will certainly be met with favorable reviews and at only 10 songs, I wonder how fans would respond to the band offering two DRM protected b-sides for download to those who purchase the album though, almost two months prior to its stateside release, the album can be obtained for free online.

I’ll never understand why an album would be released at one time in one continent and a month later in another, once it’s out it’s out, and it’s not like first week sales are so huge or as relevant as they once were–speaking of, and as a child of the 90s, Coolfer made mention of Business Week’s projected music industry sales for 2009, mainly the whole 60% decline from this year’s project total. Wasn’t sure there was enough pie left to remove a piece that size.

The prevalence of anti-DRM thought need not be mentioned, but to some degree I think the music world would not view such so unkindly. One of the band’s fan favorites is You Are Fading, not included on The Back Room; perhaps in the future we’ll see a model where fans are rewarded for purchasing one album with a second, of outtakes, b-sides, electric album versions stripped down and acoustic.

Of course what gets in the way of this is a band’s label and publishers, two powerful aspects of a band’s success that hopefully artists will increasingly maintain the control of, or, not relinquish.

(tres) One band I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about is Battles, who released their latest Mirrored on May 22nd. Metacritic, which compiles reviews from numerous sources, currently lists the album as having a composite score of 88, which ranks the album second highest for all releases in 2007. With 30+ shows across the States this summer, a HUGE European fanbase, and a live show that parallels (I almost wrote mirrors) and allows for great improvisation, and actual one-of-a-kind, unique performances each evening, Battles is the ideal band to experiment with what I’ve been proposing for quite some time.

Warp is the perfect label for this, so let me check out how many of the venues are operated by Live Nation and then I’ll address logistically how practical this is–but the fact that they’re playing so many smaller towns, places in those fly-over states, where even casual music fans aren’t overly jaded, it seems there’d by quite a bit of enthusiasm for fan interaction and assistance generating content from live shows.

For whatever it’s worth, I don’t mind hearing Ca Plane Pour Moi every five minutes in that Pepsi commercial, totally reminds me of National Lampoon’s European Vacation every time, because my cat Splash lies on my bed with his tongue puffed out by drinking all my whisky.

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