Music As Packaged Product

I got quite the ‘chuckle’ when Apple released Safari for Windows a few days back, seemingly drove all this traffic to their site, which also features the iPhone and the new Leopard OS, and right there nearly blinding me was a banner for the White Stripes and a link to “Icky Thump” via the iTunes store, only the band was “The Whistle Stripes”.
Slight typo.

I would’ve screenshot it but I’m a Mac user and didn’t feel like being a jerk.

In related news, crazy Dan Quayle has resigned from his position with the company. I kid, but seriously, whoever is to blame for this (ignorantly renaming easily one of the most popular American rock bands of the past 25 years) should be canned ASAP…

Anyway, back to The Whistle Stripes… the band is making Icky Thump available in a few different formats, which I think is totally awesome.

Here’s the link to the Kung Fu Nation/White Stripes store.

The USB drives can be had post-divorce style, that is just Meg or just Jack, OR fans can remarry the bandmates by purchasing both USBs for $99.

The vinyl: $30.

The opportunity to playact as defrocked priest conversing with miniature plastic entities: priceless.

It turns out The Whistle Stripes are also music marketing geniuses. Not at all surprising as the majority of cool music marketing initiatives come from the bands themselves, but The LAist reports the band will perform a free show at the location of the old Tower Records shop on Sunset, transforming it for the occasion to Icky Thump Records.

Hail, Hail.

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