MTV Switch: Still Incredibly Lame Because…

As long as MTV airs Real World Vs. Road Rules Challenges as something a more credible station may refer to as “programming”, their whole SWITCH campaign is still the most bogus thing since switching from music television to, I don’t know Total Request Live (TRL!) or, I don’t know Road Rules in those gas-guzzling RVs packed with steroid-inflated meatheads & drama queen airheads, or, I don’t know, the myriad times the guests who aren’t even capable of running with that “pack” and are kicked off the show, then get invited back to appear in these awful Real World Vs. Road Rules Challenges…

As a young label intern I once made the mistake of getting in the same elevator as Kurt Loder, he let out this terribly effeminate exhale and, hearing this, I could not help but turn to hear the cause of this annoyance whereupon I realized a flaky blinking thing of monotone audio capabilities–yes, when it comes to Kurty, you truly hear it first.

Uhh, Beavis…

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