Facing the Music: Guardian Defi(n)es "Indie"

I can’t quite remember exactly when the first time I read or heard the term “indie” with regard to music, but I’m certain it was in the context of a Fugazi or Pavement discussion in my ‘formative’ years.

All but extinct now, like the principle of “selling out”, it’s a topic that seems to gain daily attention, whether it’s the closing of an indie record shop, the value of an indie record shop, the “selling out” of an indie record shop (see below), or this Guardian article on its redefinition (via Coolfer):

Indie used to be such a simple term in the Eighties – a byword for an attitude, a subculture and a territory of music that was quietly, stubbornly, alternative. In the UK it meant anti-commercialism wearing a cardigan and glasses; a protest against the mainstream sporting twee hairslides. But now it has come to mean something entirely different.
Indie is now a byword for something very different: for commercial savvy and success disguised as contemporary cool. It is no longer independent of anything: indie has become the mainstream.

Here’s a Pavement jam to make us all feel a little bit better about whether this is a crisis or a boring change.

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