Music Marketing & Campaign Electioneering, or, A New Cold War Kids Cover

This obviously is not an mp3 blog, nor a music blog, nor a music industry blog–the focus, for the most part, is media, new media, and tracking how marketing & promotional concepts create awareness & visibility for emerging artists, products & services within these confines.

That said, I’ve often compared this process to running a candidate for public office: mostly I think the process resembles a potential senatorial candidate, as a successful product or service doesn’t always need to win the presidency so much as place in the top 2 in a given market, or be 1 among 50. And, Radiohead’s “Electioneering” is always the song that comes to mind in terms of this, obviously because of the song’s title.

Well, in celebrating the 10 year anniversary of OK Computer’s album release, Stereogum is presenting an album of covers and I figured it only right to link to Cold War Kid’s cover of “Electioneering” as CWK is a band I’ve mentioned a few times in presenting new ideas that facilitate artist development.

A related post.

And, as you may recall, it’s not a first for Cold War Kids and cover songs. Here’s a couple links to other equally excellent selections, also courtesy of Stereogum:

Dig It.

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