Vinyl Revival While Viral Marketing is Questioned

The Guardian has another interesting music industry article today. Back in the groove: young music fans ditch downloads and spark vinyl revival highlights how sales of 7″ have risen 13% in the first six months of ’07 with two-thirds of all UK singles are released in this format.

Regardless, it seems the happy medium is this.

AdAge’s What’s Plaguing Viral Marketing questions the success of the strategy discussed in The Tipping Point and The Influentials:

The crux of Mr. Watts’ argument is that even if influentials are several times as influential as a normal person, they have little impact beyond their own immediate neighborhood — not good when you’re trying to create a cascade through a large network of people, as most big brands do. In those cases, he argues, it’s best to skip the idea of targeting that treasured select group of plugged-in folks and instead think about that group’s polar opposite: a large number of easily influenced people. He calls this big-seed marketing.

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