Music Innovation Through Zune Innovation

I’ve mentioned some of the cool new stuff Microsoft is doing with music across each of its platforms and I’ve also mentioned some of the cool new stuff Live Nation is executing as well.

It didn’t take long for these two innovators to partner and do so involving music. Here’s a link to article (via Coolfer) about Zune’s campaign to connect with live music fans across the country–and who better to partner with than the King Kong of music venues, where Zune:

will have a significant presence at 28 Live Nation concert venues across the United States this summer as part of its continuing drive to connect music fans with the bands they love. Zune will have a strong on-site presence with its Zune Spots, inviting consumers to try the devices and see the latest summer colors. The innovative Zune Spots are actually converted freight containers that have been redesigned to bring the brand to life for concertgoers.


Zune is also helping consumers travel to see their favorite bands live by giving them the chance to win a trip to see a Live Nation show in its Zune Zoom Away competition or a Zune 30GB digital media player. Consumers can view Official Rules and enter by visiting In addition to the concert getaways, consumers can download Zune Zone vouchers. The first 50 people to bring the voucher to a Zune Spot will receive VIP treatment at the Zune Zone, a special area at select concerts with private wait staff and Zune lawn chairs.

Head over to Zune’s site here to:

    1. Concert tickets
    2. Roundtrip airfare
    3. Hotel
    4. Ground transportation
    5. Spending money
    6. 2 Zune digital media players

Nice work by Damian Bulluck and Greg Matuskiewicz as usual.

Zune was in the news last week as well.

Paid Zune Sharing: Patent Pending (via Engadget) covers all the details but here’s a small factoid I find to not only be pretty rad but also very interesting & innovative:

According to the patent, Microsoft would like to erect a system by which pirated music (yes the term pirated is used in the document several times) can be transferred to other Zune devices, and the sender can be paid a sales commission. Of course this would work with legally obtained music also.

What does this mean?

Well, Microsoft disputes that iTunes is the 3rd largest distributor of music overall and the largest online distributor (the fact is illegal downloading sites distribute more content than iTunes, Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy combined), with this understood they’ve found a way for artists and their fans to profit from the ‘sharing’ of music via the Zune Player’s Zune to Zune Sharing feature.

I dig it.

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