Music Industry Starts Making Sense, Starts Making Sense: Sellaband, Lolla, eMusic OTA

So much for a hiatus… I’ve deciding to continue blogging, only now I’ll only post when I need to step away from my real work–and accompanying to do list or white piece of paper with the underlined word ‘brainstorm’ written across the top in black ink–to get some perspective.
And there’s a few things banging around the industry of music from the last couple of days that I think are worth highlighting.

In the past I posted I’ve posted stories related to artists receiving marketing & promotion from companies for an equity stake in the success of the album, in the instance of a band like The Crimea, or VCs investing in the recording & release of an album, in the case of The Prodigy. In Amsterdam the consumer funded label, Sellaband is releasing its first album: (via

Sellaband invites consumers — also known as “Believers” — to invest a minimum of $10 in any band featured on the company’s Web site. When an act raises $50,000, Sellaband’s management takes them into the studio using experienced producers. More than 4,500 unsigned acts have signed-up since launch in August 2006.

I’m big into maximizing the revenue generated from single performances, so I like what AT&T’s Blue Room music portal for the imminent Lollapalooza Festival: streaming interviews and performances around the clock (via

Duty calls and I will unfortunately not be able to make it out there, though I fondly recall last year’s festival and putting together a music marketing campaign for the band Editors (and resulting critical acclaim, I kid…) thanks to the heroic efforts of Jeff Thrope (we’re on iChat together right now and I cannot resist):

SPEAKING of which. (click on it and see what happens… if you want to hear what I have to say anticipating a rendition of “Indifference” with Ben Harper included, as well as a jam or two with Jim James of My Morning Jacket, who opened for Pearl Jam (and is their label mate at RCA/J) on a leg of a recent tour and I also anticipate Eddie performs “Slow Night, So Long” with Kings of Leon… oh, wait, it’s a ‘festival’, 10 songs and off. Maybe. Maybe not. Not at Lollapalooza back in ’92, like James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem “I was there.”)

AT&T also made some news this week announcing their partnership with eMusic to get indie tunes to the ears of mobile phone users OTA style (via I imagine one could spend the lot of their formative years downloading a single song using AT&T’s ‘modest’ wireless service.

When it comes to indie distribution, it seems the distributor a label can really trust is Andy Allen’s ADA, but competitor and former leader of the pack RED Distribution is getting down with something I’ve touched on a few times recently with regard to a new 360 model of artist/label/distributor relations–slinging the merch.

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