Holiday Movies and Songs

A couple weeks back Paisano inquired what peoples favorite holiday movies were.

(SADLY) I saw two of my favorite holiday movies last weekend, when in Florida visiting family: Love Actually and The Holiday.

I’d seen Love Actually a few times previously but it was my first time seeing The Holiday, and I must say as much of a (dare I say) chick flick as it was, I enjoyed it! That Kate Winslet sure can act…

I’m interested in hearing what some other (excellent) holiday movies are.

Adding to this, what’s your favorite holiday song?

I’m not sure this is my favorite, but I was a member of Pearl Jam’s fan club, the Ten Club, all growing up so… “Let Me Sleep” is one of my favorites.


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2 responses to “Holiday Movies and Songs

  1. “Belleau Wood” and “Same Auld Langs Ain”…. Not the traditional selections, but the’re hte ones that tug at my heart strings.

  2. Very ironic that I found this post today. It’s been my tradition to watch BOTH of these films every Christmas since they came out.

    As for favorite holiday song, I’d have to say John Lennon’s version of “So This is Christmas.”

    Leave it to me to keep the Christmas spirit going three days after it ended!

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