RCRD LBL – Podcast #3

I had a post about RCRD LBL a few weeks back.

It’s becoming the new thing I’m doing at work, you know, like ‘research’ for ‘something’.

Check it out though and, please, explain to me the FAQs as I’m not sure if I’m infringing on the user agreement by reposting their latest podcast (#3); this, of course, is because I’m too lazy to read the FAQs myself and that, of course, is because ‘research’ is for me a euphemism for ‘play’ and not a euphemism for ‘work’.

Anyway, about RCRD LBL… I dig it and have high hopes, the content is there, the ads/sponsorship/revenue sources are there, we just need to be there, so check it out and try to think of some ways it can be improved and/or better fit into your life online and existing social media existence.

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One response to “RCRD LBL – Podcast #3

  1. Hey, Peter from RCRD LBL here. Glad you’re digging the site, I promise it’ll only get better from here on out.

    We’re fine with people redistributing the podcast, it’s just the individual tracks themselves we don’t want rehosted.


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