MGMT vs. The Whigs 1

Choice 1 = MGMT

Before replying please take a minute to review the companion post to determine which band we would rather play in and/or tour with: MGMT or The Whigs??

I was just about to comment on a Warp Records blog post over at the RCRD LBL site- -titled Battles vs. 2007, which I think is super dope to begin with but as I started typing I realized the last time I was leaving a comment over there relating to whether Battles’ “Mirrored” was the record of the year in 2007 (for the record: I’m a fan…) I wondered whether anybody had seen it and whether they were like me and could go either way in arguing that if I was Hank Sullivant I would rather play with MGMT (who I have been talking up for 5 or 6 months: ) or The Whigs (if you Google image search for The Whigs you’ll find a few pics of the band from SXSW ’07 playing our space and a pic of the back of my head in the right foreground…62ab18.jpg from their Merc Lounge performance at CMJ ’06)

So I figured, why not ask this question on Utterz, play a single from each band and, by way of people replying to 1 of the 2 with either MGMT or The Whigs as their choice, determine which band we’d rather play with should we be musician Hank Sullivant (he has…).

PART 1 IS MGMT’S “Time to Pretend”

Mobile post sent by Chris using Utterz. Replies. mp3

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