MGMT vs. The Whigs 2

Choice 2 = THE WHIGS

Before replying please take a minute to review the companion post to determine which band we would rather play in and/or tour with: MGMT or The Whigs??

I was just about to comment on a Warp Records blog post over at the RCRD LBL site- -titled Battles vs. 2007, which I think is super dope to begin with but as I started typing I realized the last time I was leaving a comment over there relating to whether Battles’ “Mirrored” was the record of the year in 2007 (for the record: I’m a fan…) I wondered whether anybody had seen it and whether they were like me and could go either way in arguing that if I was Hank Sullivant I would rather play with MGMT (who I have been talking up for 5 or 6 months: ) or The Whigs (if you Google image search for The Whigs you’ll find a few pics of the band from SXSW ’07 playing our space and a pic of the back of my head in the right foreground…62ab18.jpg from their Merc Lounge performance at CMJ ’06)

So I figured, why not ask this question on Utterz, play a single from each band and, by way of people replying to 1 of the 2 with either MGMT or The Whigs as their choice, determine which band we’d rather play with should we be musician Hank Sullivant (he has…)

PART 2 IS THE WHIGS’ “Right Hand on My Heart” which, coincidentally, they played at the Mercury Lounge in November ’06 and at the FADER Fort in March ’07.

Mobile post sent by Chris using Utterz. Replies. mp3

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