Nielsen’s Buzz Volume: McCain/Obama Will Win

Mashable has an interesting post today regarding Nielsen’s Buzz Volume Predicts Barack Obama and John McCain as the Super Tuesday winners:Nielsen has been tracking the impact of the political race for these past weeks leading up to Super Tuesday (Jan. 1st to the 29th) in order to see how blog discussions have been responding to the presidential candidate race. Obama is still in the lead with nearly 60% of blog discussions, and Clinton isn�t far behind with 51% of the discussions on the Democratic side. The Republicans have been buzzing about John McCain and Mike Huckabee, with 29% each, and Mitt Romney receiving 28% of blog discussions.

I’m more than a bit shocked 2 of the top 5 political sites for registered independents are the pages for the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald…

Read the full post here:

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