Scoble on Google vs. ‘Microhoo’

Robert Scoble has an insightful post today on what we’re all missing about Google and how they don’t care about Microhoo because they’re beating both companies separately now and if “you put two turkeys together you don’t get an eagle”:
1. Google doesn�t mind this deal going through at all. Google knows they will be able to outrun a �Microhoo.�
2. Google stands to gain HUGE by slowing down this deal.
3. Email is not where the money is.
4. IM is harder to monetize than email is.I made a similar argument the day the offer was announced, it isn’t about email or even free apps for Google, both things exist to create more loyalty for one brand or the other, what matters is search and ads, two things both parties have been fighting for online and will be fighting more and more for in the mobile space.

You can read the full post here:

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