RCRD LBL Nikon Contest Extended

Yes, to my displeasure, RCRD LBL has decided to extend the contest for the Nikon Coolpix S51C cameras…
I’m no longer confident about my odds; when the contest originally wrapped I guessed my odds of winning one of the cameras at 1 out of 200 or so, though I didn’t actually put any thought into this, let me clarify, if I had guessed my chances of winning a camera it would’ve been somewhere between .05 and 1%. This, of course, is without considering that other than my button down shirt, shoes, socks, and underwear, everything I’m wearing right this very second (10 Deep wool hat, Puma warm-up jacket, Levis Capital E jeans, and Hit & Run screenprint t-shirt) were all scored or ‘won’ by way of ‘contests’ that would make even Joseph Kennedy proud.Losing might be a good thing, actually, I mean I have a digi cam, but what I don’t have is a Nokia n95 8GB (black) and in the spirit of the 2008 presidential election I just might petition the powers that be to have this offered as the next contest prize.
Regardless, you can learn more about the contest here.

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