MGMT Scans Another 3,500

Another great week for MGMT, selling another 3,500 records and bringing their 3 week total to nearly 14k. They’re also getting some solid airplay. Caught their show at Great Scott with Yeasayer last night with one of their managers (Super Dave) and a a couple things really stood out to me: 1) after posing the question a few weeks back, if I was Hank Sullivant I would totally rather play guitar with MGMT than bass with The Whigs, not to mention: 2) MGMT makes a point with their shows: they are a guitar rock band, not an electronic pop outfit. I think the 2nd point has a lot to do with the album being produced by David Fridmann, but an album is just a record of a version of a song, not how a song has to sound, and the way it sounds performed live is all the more amazing when electric and loud.Check out their site here: post sent by Chris using Utterz. Replies. mp3

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