Dear WordPress…

I don’t love you anymore… You made it SO hard to do SO little, I tried to love you, but now I’m over you.

I’ll keep my TypePad for more serious pursuits, but I’ll be using my Tumblr blog for all things mobile, you can view it here:

Because I’m feeling all nostalgic as hell about the day about 6 months ago when I first created THD on a whim (listening to The Smiths and thereon after had to listen to shit about my not so modest blog title), I’ve decided to again post Pavement’s “Unseen Power Of A Picket Fence”.

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One response to “Dear WordPress…

  1. I love Twitter and Tumblr. I also tried out Pownce recently but I am not a big fan of the templates. They are just way too over crowded for me.

    I post non-stop at since I switched to Tumblr. It’s so easy to use and it serves my needs perfectly. I don’t have a niche and posting random junk using Tumblr works so smoothly.

    Although Twitter and Pownce are similar (both are social presence sites) I find that Tumblr is different all together. It offers so much more all while seeming so much simpler. I recently read on some random blog that Tumblr was probably going to receive the same ammount of attention in 2008 that Twitter got in 2007.

    Only time will tell!

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