Excerpts from the Digital Music Forum, Etc.

Some posts on the music industry:
  • Rob Fields, over at the blog Marketing Pop Culture, live blogged the forum and has some good coverage as well.
  • Hollywood Reporter reports the London-based research firm Point Topic is predicting a serious shake-up in the world of digital music services, which makes complete sense given the sheer quantity of different online and mobile services, which lead to an acquisition spree by the likes of Microsoft, Nokia and RealNetworks. On the future of music on mobile devices, whether subscriptions or downloads, Point Topic “concluudes that the growth in mobile carriers’ bandwidth will boost sales via 3G (third-generation) high-speed services. Point Topic added: “Global 3G sales are starting to increase sharply, up more than 50% in 2007, and mobile subscriptions are still growing, up more than 20%.”
  • Some more coverage of RCRD LBL and its co-founder Peter Rojas lately as well. I’ve been sleeping on the music blog lately, but the Chicago Reader offers a good summation of where they’re at: “in no time the label’s managed to position itself as a tastemaker”, so it isn’t simply parasitizing the established imprints it partners with and its Web site is an amazingly effective promotional tool in its own right, cutting way down on the money required to push emerging artists. It hasn’t started offering tour support (Rojas says nobody has asked for it yet), but it’s prepared to step up.”

With regard to majors transitioning as rapidly, or successfully as some of the leading indies he’s working with, Rojas states “It won’t be easy,” he writes, “but there are actually a lot of smart people at the labels, and more and more they’re getting a chance to do what they want to do.”

CNN/Money has a some positive coverage of RCRD LBL, focusing on it’s two co-founders, as well.

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