Thoughts on Modern Love and Social Media

My step mom got me into this great column that runs every Sunday in the New York Times titled “Modern Love” and this week’s first person look at modern love reveals a love that is more impossible than possible and more timeless than modern: the love between two people living with cystic fibrosis .

I kind of lived in the same social circle as this girl Melissa in college and though we didn’t exactly call one another to figure out an evening’s plans, it was clear to me and I imagine everyone else that she was then and still is a truly sweet & special kid, as is her fiance who is an equally special dude. It was through life in the same sort of college social circle that I learned this but it’s through post-college life that I’ve learned a bit more about CF and reading this column today reminded me again that this is quite the hurdle indeed but instances like this illuminate some of the elements about social media I appreciate most, social media allows for people to take their love for anything–whether passion in a cause, candidate, movement or what have you–and make it more modern, and by modern I mean super fast, with social media an impact can be made MASSIVE at light speed: 1 supporter turns to 8 turns to 48 and so on and so on in a matter of seconds, minutes, and hours.

To learn more about how we can support one another in this modern world with the smallest of efforts, check out the page on the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s site one of Melissa’s friends set up for her here:

As of this evening, TEAM HOFMANN has raised $16,409 to date and we have 50 days to reach our goal of $30,000.

If I pledge right now to donate $40.00 are there 8 people reading this who will pledge to donate $5 each? Once those 8 people have donated $5 each, do you think we can find another 48 people to pledge approx. $.80 each?

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