New MGMT Tour Dates

dYour favorite new band, MGMT, will be heading out on a brief tour in a week or so, starting briefly in New England with a show at Higher Ground in Burlington, VT where I imagine they’re huge with UVM students, then into Canada with a show at the Mod Club in Toronto before playing a string of dates on the West Coast:
Enjoy the band performing “Time to Pretend” on Later! with Jools Holland (2/22/08). Also, you can view MGMT playing their 3/6/08 show at Paradiso in EXCELLENT quality at Fab Channel though there isn’t a direct link to it.
And, in related news, looks like I have about a week to go to determine whether I was correct with this MGMT sales prediction.


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9 responses to “New MGMT Tour Dates

  1. Laura

    When will MGMT be coming back to Vancouver B.C., other than for the Pemberton fest which I heard they are playing? I missed them the last time and I was hoping to catch them at a venue other than Pemberton.

  2. thehandsomedevil

    well I imagine once they play Seattle they’ll play some of the early summer festivals in Europe before doing another full American tour thereafter, at least that would make the most sense, might be worth trying to catch them in Seattle unless you want to wait a couple months.

  3. Alix

    Please come to Minneapolis sometime in the near future..I hear you on the Current all the time (local public radio, and, yes you were one of the groups that made me join). I can’t imagine a better show to go to than yours!

  4. MGMT is easily my new favorite band.. really wish they were playing near me sometime soon.. i would cross state lines to see them!

  5. BM

    Just saying I hope MGMT comes to Vancouver as well, besides Pemberton!

  6. Cameron

    I saw you guys at bonnaroo and i must say you blew me away! The quality of your live show is just amazing I listen to your CD and that just doesn’t do it any justice please go to bonnaroo in 09, and i hope you play a show near the southeast some time!

  7. lindsey



  8. karah

    we live in geelong victoria in australia and we have been trying to get tickets to your concert all morning they have only just gone on sale but they are sold out.
    we are very disapointed and wish you would have more concerts in melbourne.
    we would love to see you sometimes soon as we are big fans of you
    electric feel is the best song ever
    so please consider doing another show in melbourne or getting a bigger venue.

  9. Chad

    I think MGMT needs to come to Detroit

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