My Thoughts on Forbes’ ’10 Hottest New Music Stars’

One thing I usually do at least once a day is read Coolfer and having just read the latest blog entry (Glenn’s take on Louis Hau’s Forbes article ‘The Year’s 10 Hottest New Music Stars’ ) I feel the need to offer my own humble opinion.I think Louis Hau’s ‘formula’ is a bit of touch for a number of reasons:

1) an intern can load and reload a MySpace/YouTube page over and over (not too mention there are 10 varieties of these social media/video sites), and an artist like Tila Tequila can pay to acquire a million friends (then turn it into a marketing ploy)–not exactly a true measure of whether an artist is one of the hottest new music stars or just an inflated entity (and it’s that sort of get rich quick mentality which results in a shallow superficial image and a short, unremembered career). placing an artist’s song as your profile song on MySpace seems more an act of trying to fit in and create a ‘cool’ impression for someone visiting your page

2) sites like MySpace/YouTube are still the cat’s meow for fans of R&B/hip hop acts, while fans of emerging rock acts have probably already moved on to newer, cleaner social media/video sites that possess less of the sex and spam

3) peer-to-peer networks? with an insane amount of music blogs and the ease with which one can track down an mp3 using a site like Hype Machine, this isn’t as much a sure shot determining factor the way it was in 2002

4) albums sales and touring/ticket sales are enormously important determining factors because a) every album sold is an instance of a fan purchasing something they could’ve otherwise had for free b) ticket sales tell us how many people actually want to experience an artist’s music in person (not just a song playing on a MySpace profile…)

5) views/plays online and album sales should be considered proportionate to the views/plays and album sales within individual genres because the online habits and buying habits of psycho/social demographics vary greatly, as does the regularity with which they do or don’t attend concerts

6) yes, radio is still king hit maker, but I also thinks spins should be considered in terms of specific genres and, more importantly, if an artist’s 3rd or 4th single is in the rotation this should carry way more weight than an artist who has 1 song in heavy rotation (along with 7 other artists with 1 song in heavy rotation, and that being a station’s entire play list…)

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