Wash. Post on Music Industry Analyst Bob Lefsetz

I don’t really read the Washington Post because, unless they’ve changed this recently, you had to actually subscribe to the paper to read their online content (like the WSJ), but as I mentioned yesterday I do read Coolfer everyday which is where I came across WaPo’s profile of Bob Lefsetz.Here’s a small taste of what you get when you get Bob Lefsetz:

This time, Lefsetz — one of the music industry’s most influential analysts, and certainly the loudest — is seething about the state of the concert business. Tickets are too expensive, he howls. Service fees are out of line. Music fans are being “raped” by promoters.

“Where is the CONCERT-GOERS’ bill of rights?” he shrieks, gesticulating wildly. “What the [expletive] IS GOING ON?!”`

You can check out Bob’s site and subscribe to the Lefsetz Letter here.

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