Buzznet + Stereogum = StereoBuzzVideogum

Working in the music industry for a few years until about 9 months ago, I sort of witnessed the rise of Stereogum from Scott Lapatine’s mock Britney Spears fan site, to getting pivotal investments by MTV vets, to sitting in meeting after meeting or conference call after conference call with any record label and hearing almost mockingly “I hate to be the one to say it, but what can we do with Stereogum?”, to what happened this week: its sale to music focused social networking community Buzznet.
Buzznet hosts contests for artists, allows users to upload pics of their favorite artists, it’s essentially an online promotional/self-promotional too. Stereogum is/was a music mp3 blog, one that securing a post for a record label’s artist on would definitely be considered a score, though their traffic has flatlined for the past year at about 100k visitors per month.
Buzznet/Stereogum will now launch Videogum on Tuesday, April 8th.
I’m not sure how I feel about this.It IS a bit weird, particularly since Buzznet recently received investment funding from Universal Music Group’s Interscope Records label. How will this work out when it comes to featuring an artist? Will Fergie concert pics and video footage be featured while an artist like Arcade Fire is no longer the Band to Watch?What separates Stereogum from a classic music publication like Rolling Stone, who was made all but irrelevant because of their placing on cover after cover for boy bands Rolling Stone now?


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  1. Mr. C

    Rolling Stone is still way more popular and influential than any blog. And guess what, they write about Arcade Fire too!

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