Nike SPARQ’s Impact on Saul Williams’ “List of Demands”

A couple weeks back I had a blog post about the Saul Williams song “List of Demands” being featured in the TV commercial marking the launch of SPARQ, which is Nike’s “mission to enable every athlete to reach their potential using natural, scientifically-based training methods.”

The song’s placement in the SPARQ commercial – which was music supervised by my former employer Cornerstone Promotion who also served as Saul’s management – has turned out to have had quite the awesome impact on the Williams’ exposure as an emerging artist according to this Chicago Tribune Leisure Blogs post by Greg Kot, first brought to my attention by The Daily Swarm.

According to the blog post, the song, which was released on Saul Williams’ second and self-titled full-length, “has racked up more than 400,000 views on, 40 times more than the ad itself. The digital single of the song has been selling 10,000 copies a week since the ad first aired.”

Saul Williams is currently wrapping an extensive tour, and with about a week’s worth of dates remaining if you haven’t seen Saul perform live you really should, and hopefully you’ll live in one of these cities:

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