Share Your Experience ‘Live From Fenway’

The Live From Fenway Tumblelog I created came about in a rather funny way: my dad offered me his two season tickets for the Opening Day at Fenway Park under the assurance that I would not sell the tickets; I told him not only would I not sell the tickets but I would set up a blog for the occasion and live moblog from the game using Utterz.

I had a blast sending in posts from the game and, in addition to entertaining my friends and family who could not attend, my live moblogging to Live From Fenway was covered by a couple popular sports bloggers I’ve been reading for a while: Tim Deloisio of Fire Brand of the American League and Dave Pinto of Baseball Musings (who my older brother is obsessed with).

This got me thinking. Why not open Live From Fenway to anyone who wants to moblog live from Fenway when they attend games this season?

All you need to do to participate is:

  1. Head to and create a free account (this only takes 30 seconds)
  2. Set up a Tumblr ‘Connection’ using the username ( and password (redsox2008) to this blog (go with 500 for both the image & video size), and select the box where it reads ‘Automatically post your utterz to this connection

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