Sony/BMG, Universal, Angels Forum Invest in MOG

‘Is equity the new licensing?’ is a question Eliot Van Buskirk poses in a recent post on Wired’s Listening Post blog and, in the context of a post about Sony/BMG, Universal Music Group, and The Angel Forum’s recent investment in MOG (via Venture Beat) this has me thinking.

The two majors and The Angels Foruum now on a 48% stake in MOG, and what’s the goal of MOG’s investors? To get back 15x on their investment, it’s MOG selling for $90 million, (48% of $90 is $43,200.000.00) and if anyone is in the position to increase the overall valuation of a service/site like MOG it’s the content providers.

This is something Van Buskirk picks up on as well:

It looks like the site will benefit from this financial shot in the arm, and quite possibly may be able to offer features using Sony/BMG and Universal Music Group songs that they may not have been able to otherwise.

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