Nokia Set to Conquer the United States??

Nokia is planning to release a whole gang of new models in the United States, according to Reuters.

Nokia sells 40 percent of all phones sold globally, but in the United States its share has slumped as the Finnish group ended its own production of phones using CDMA technology, popular in the United States.

Nokia’s new big release is the N96 but, again, what Nokia regards as an upgrade might be by European/Finnish standards but in the United States reducing the cam from 5 megapixels to 3.2 and adding a DVB-H digital TV recorder that won’t even work here, not allowing for an easier to use keypad, isn’t an upgrade, it’s stupid:

In North America, Nokia’s market share has collapsed from 20 percent to 7 percent over the past two years, according to research firm Strategy Analytics, who also cited a poor offering of phones with a folding or clamshell design in Nokia’s portfolio.

Meanwhile Fortune’s tech blog has a good post on how, while Apple is #1 in the States when it comes to the fledgling mobile music market, Nokia is #1 for the rest of the world and poised to conquer the US with its new “Comes With Music” subscription program:

Unlike the iPhone’s pay-per-track model, Nokia’s new “Comes With Music” plan will offer several handsets that include a year’s worth of unlimited music in the cost of the phone. Once the year is over, subscribers will be able to keep their existing tracks on their phone or PC, and Nokia says they’ll have several options of extending their “Comes With Music” membership without necessarily having to upgrade to a new device. The company is still mum on what those other options may be, though it’s likely customers will have to start paying a subscription fee to keep the unlimited downloads service.

Full story here.

Here’s a look at why Nokia is making a concerted effort to improve their market share, because judging by their presence on 3 popular American mobile service provider sites, their current market share must be really low.

These are the phones AT&T offers:

  • N-6085
  • N-6555
  • N-75
  • N-6126

These are the phones T-Mobile offers on their site:

  • 6133
  • 6263
  • 6103
  • 3535
  • 2610
  • 6086
  • 5300

Verizon Wireless doesn’t offer any Nokia phones on their website.


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2 responses to “Nokia Set to Conquer the United States??

  1. The N96 will come with a 5 MP camera :)

  2. thehandsomedevil

    david, thank you for posting this, this is great news as I’m a HUGE Nokia fan and it didn’t make sense to me in the least when I read the camera would be 3.2 MP but I’ll dig up the link to the story on it now

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