Radiohead "National Anthem" 5/11 in DC

I’m very, very unhappy with Radiohead since attending their show on Sunday (May 11th) at the Nissan Pavilion just outside of Washington, DC.

That they had no idea – until all but their last 3 songs were performed – that half of the paying attendees were unable to attend the concert because of the weather conditions is a complete and total lie.

That the Nissan Pavilion was unaware that half of the band’s paying fans would be unable to see their performance is an even bigger lie.

Why doesn’t Thom Yorke want people to buy their greatest hits album?

Not because he doesn’t want new fans of the band to hear their greatest hits but because he cares about 1 thing and 1 thing only: MONEY. It’s why he lied and pretended he didn’t know their was a tornado caliber storm outside the venue (even though the Nissan Pavilion is a shed and like all sheds half of it is outside), it’s why HE ENDED HIS BAND’S SET OVER 1 HOUR BEFORE THE NISSAN PAVILION’S MIDNIGHT CURFEW, it’s why he refused to break tradition and perform songs off the bands first albums, after taking a 30-minute set break for Liars to play some more jams on their stage, then play until midnight.

Radiohead has always been about money, it’s why they signed with Capitol Records to begin with, unfortunately their first single was a hit and, following Rolling Stone cover after cover with boy bands on it, music fans found ‘Karma Police’ to be appealing, now we have to put up with lies, lies, lies.

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