My MASSIVE New Art Project for eBay Giving Works

Recently inspired by the idea of creating something with my own hands (i.e. by sheer force of will) and then auctioning it off via eBay and donating the proceeds to a good cause (Aged Out:…ge-out.htm) with the help of eBay Giving Works, the process of creating my latest art project (I’m so not an artist but think it’s healthy to do something ‘creative’ that doesn’t involve sitting at my computer), which will be a set of set of 5 2’x6′ wood panels, with 1 1/4" circular wood poles coming through those panels as well as an additional, smaller wood panel, creating the appearance of a letter from the Brail language system.

It’s not too hard to figure out what it means – especially if you’re a fan of the Beatles…

Here’s a picture of me setting up shop (the hinges were the final element of my previous, and first, art project, a multi-purpose box made of wood and covered in mosaic tile pieces which, via 8 square stand pieces, doubles as a TV stand and personal lock box.

Once completed, I’m going to start the bidding at the cost for the wood & supplies and will keep you up to date throughout the creation process.

To learn more about eBay Giving Works, head here:

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