Always Wanted to Go Out Like A Nordic Warrior…


From what I understand when a Nordic warrior passes on, they’re body is soaked in kerosene, put on a long boat, covered with stones and sent off to see – then once the long boat reaches a distance far enough from land to sink and never surface, arrows are lit and fired into the air, landing on the boat, setting it on fire, and allowing it to sink to the bottom.

Here’s a song by Chad VanGaalen called “Willow Tree” – I think it’s quite beautiful – which alludes to this tradition of sending a Nordic warrior on to Valhalla.

For those of you living in NYC or Canada, Chad Van Gaalen is coming to town:

  • September 21 :: New York, NY, Blender Theatre at Gramercy Giant Sand
  • October 2 :: Ottawa, Ontario, Zaphod Beeblebrox Women
  • October 3 :: Montreal, Quebec, Ukranian Federation, Pop Montreal Women and Julie Doiron
  • October 4 :: Toronto, Ontario, The Mod Club Women
  • October 9 :: Vancouver, BC, Richards on Richards Doors at 8pm. $15.25 advance +s/c. Advance tickets on sale now at Zulu Records, All Ticketmaster Locations. Buy Tickets Online
  • October 10 :: Victoria, BC, Sugar Nightclub Doors at 9:00 pm. $15.00 advance +s/c. Advance tickets on sale now at Lyles Place, Ditch Records & CDs. Buy tickets online
  • October 11 :: Portland, Oregan, Doug Fir Lounge Giant Sand
  • October 12 :: Seattle, Washington, Triple Door Giant Sand
  • October 17 :: Edmonton, McDougall United Church, 10028 – 101st 10PM, ( WCMA CBCRadio3 showcase with Library Voices, MeatDraw )
  • October 25 :: Calgary, The Uptown Stage

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