Band Uses 2D Cameraphone Pics to Promote Music

Wired’s Listening Post had an interesting post about the band A Cursive Memory being the first group to “use a 2D barcode image to promote its music” according to the ScanLife, maker of the software that reads the 2D barcode image.

Once a user installs ScanLife’s ScanBuy application, which can be installed on a variety of mobile platforms (BREW, Java, Symbian, Palm, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and the Apple iPhone, through the App Store) and comes pre-installed on all of Samsung’s new models, all they need to do is take a picture of the barcode in the lower corner of the imaged attached to this post and “the software will extract a URL from the image and sends the phone to a webpage containing their music video scaled down for cellphone screens (free), tour dates (free), cellphone wallpaper (free) and a ringtone ($2.50).”

You can read the full story here.

A few comments on the blog post questioned whether this is, in fact, the first time a band has “used a 2D barcode image to promote its music”:

Comment #1
They are not the first band that promotes their music with 2D Codes. I saw it more than once before.

Besides: Why would anybody use ScanBuy’s proprietary EZCodes or Neomedia’s proprietary Code-Scheme? They can only be read by ScanBuy’s, respectively Neomedia’s reader and are incompatible with other ones. I’d rather use Snappr or even Kaywa to create my 2D Barcodes. They generate QR Codes, which are readable by almost every reader-application on many more handsets (even the Neomedia one can read these QR Codes…) and I know that I am not running into a dead end with a closed system. I mean, come on – Do we really want a closed system owned and operated by a single institution?? I don’t think so.

Posted by: Phil | Oct 11, 2008 8:56:17 AM

Comment #2
Not the first band to use 2d codes by any means:

Warner Music Powers CD Launch With qode…ingle.html

The Pet Shop Boys embed QR codes in latest Orwellian video…ian-video/

It should also be noted that:

Scanbuy’s indirect resolution process, which they use for their proprietary EZcode, is infringing on NeoMedia Technologies’ core patents.

NeoMedia Technologies has a suite of twelve issued patents covering the core concepts behind linking the physical world to the electronic world dating back to 1995. These patents cover various linkage methods including: Barcodes, RFID, Mag Stripe, Voice, and Other machine readable and keyed entry identifiers.

NeoMedia brought suit against Scanbuy for patent infringement. Litigation has been ongoing.

Posted by: streetstylz | Oct 12, 2008 10:27:49 AM

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3 responses to “Band Uses 2D Cameraphone Pics to Promote Music

  1. If you’d like to see a QR Code in action, here’s a BBC video of me showing how to read a QR Code to access a mobile dating experience:

  2. @

    streetstylz… tries hard again to show how neomedia is better than scanlife.. :)

  3. I had my friend download the ScanLife application to his iPhone so I could give it a test drive.

    For starters, the application can only read and decipher proprietary EZcodes. Unfortunately the ScanLife application offers no support for 1D UPC/EAN barcodes, or Data Matrix, Aztec, or QR codes. This is the major downfall of the application, since it only supports one proprietary 2D symbology. As a result, ScanLife is not a true universal code reader.

    For those wanting a much more intuitive mobile code reading experience, I highly recommend the NeoReader application from NeoMedia Technologies. The NeoReader is able to read and decipher all common non-proprietary 2D codes (Data Matrix, QR, Aztec) as well as URL embedded 2D codes and all 1D UPC/EAN/Code 128 open source codes. The NeoReader supports direct and indirect code linking, which guarantees maximum interoperability with already existing platforms like 2D Data Matrix Semacodes, and Japanese QR links. This allows the user to click on a variety of barcodes with a single application installed on their mobile device.

    Download the NeoReader and instantly transform your iPhone into a universal code reader.

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