Pitchfork’s Review of Women’s s/t Debut


Pitchfork reviewed the self-titled debut record by the most un-Googleable band name ever, Women, giving the release from Flemish Eye Records(Canada)/JagJaguwar (rest of world) a 7.9, which is comparatively good for the site known for using a pitchfork to write album reviews.

Here’s a snippet from the review penned by Andrew Gaerig:
Women was recorded by Sub Pop artist Chad VanGaalen in his basement, at least partially on boom boxes. The jangly whoosh of opener “Cameras” seems like a direct product of those bohemian environs: Quivering voices are propped up by picks scraping against strings, even when an exacted synth squiggle– the first of several compositional left-turns– betrays the rugged surroundings. “Cameras” lasts a mere 60 seconds and segues seamlessly into the steel-wool industrial sounds of “Lawncare”, and from there, Women is deceptively easy and oddly energizing. Standout “Black Rice”‘s guitars rapidly approach and fall off little cliffs. “Group Transport Hall” is paisley-wallpapered psych, its hasty acoustic march a textural curveball. It’s on tracks like these that singer Patrick Flegel’s voice– a sour monotone throughout much of the album– gains unexpected contour, admirably navigating “Black Rice”‘s sighing chorus.

My favorite track on the record is “Black Rice”, included with this post, hope you enjoy as well.

Women is definitely touring, I would definitely be seeing the band play, but unfortunately it looks like they won’t be playing Boston:

  • October 15 :: Jamestown, NY, Mojo’s
  • October 16 :: Princeton, NJ, Terrace Club
  • October 18 :: Burlington, VT, The 5th Element
  • October 19 :: New York, NY, The Cake Shop
  • October 21 :: New York, NY, CMJ – Pop Tarts Suck Toasted Party
  • October 21 :: Brooklyn, NY, CMJ – KCRW Party
  • October 22 :: New York, NY, CMJ – Terrorbird Party
  • October 22 :: New York, NY, CMJ – Subbacultcha! Showcase
  • October 23 :: Brooklyn, NY, CMJ – MyOpenBar.com Party
  • October 24 :: Brooklyn, NY, CMJ – Todd P NYC Party
  • October 25 :: Brooklyn, NY, CMJ – Paste / R5 Party
  • October 26 :: Meadville, PA, Grounds for Change
  • October 27 :: Detroit, MI, Magic Stick
  • October 29 :: Oberlin, OH, Oberlin College
  • October 30 :: Gambier, OH, Kenyon College
  • October 31 :: Chicago, IL, Bottom Lounge
  • November 1 :: Minneapolis, MN, Triple Rock Social Club
  • November 2 :: Omaha, NE, Waiting Room
  • November 3 :: Denver, CO, Larimer Lounge
  • November 4 :: Salt Lake City, UT, Urban Lounge
  • November 7 :: Seattle, Washington, Chop Suey
  • November 8 :: Portland, Washington, Doug Fir Lounge
  • November 10 :: San Francisco, Bottom The Hill
  • November 11 :: Visalia, California, Cellar Door
  • November 12 :: Los Angeles, California, The Echo
  • November 20 :: Groningen, Netherlands, Veras
  • November 21 :: Den Haag, Netherlands, Crossing Borders Festival
  • November 22 :: Antwerp, Belgium, Trix
  • November 24 :: Paris, France, La Fleche D’Or
  • November 25 :: London, England, Borderline
  • November 27 :: Glasgow, Scotland, The Captain’s Rest
  • November 28 :: Belfast, Ireland, Limelight
  • November 29 :: Galway, Ireland, Rosin Dubh
  • November 30 :: Dublin, Ireland, Crawdaddy
  • December 2 :: Manchester, England, Night and Day Cafe
  • December 3 :: London, England, The Windmill
  • December 4 :: Amsterdam, Netherlands, Paradiso

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