On Repeat: of Montreal "Gallery Piece"

“Gallery Piece”, from of Montreal’s new album Skeletal Lamping is on serious repeat as of late, last evening I was on the verge of begging friends to come over in the am and operate the ‘strobe light effect’ in my apartment (turning the light switch on/off/on ad infinitum) while I danced to it.

Here are the lyrics to “Gallery Piece”:

I wanna be your love
I wanna make you cry
And sweep you off your feet

I wanna hurt your pride
I wanna slap your face
I wanna paint your nails

I wanna make you you scream
I wanna braid your hair
I wanna kiss your friends

I wanna make you laugh
I wanna dress the same
I wanna defend you

I wanna squeeze your thighs
I wanna kiss your eyelids
And corrupt your dreams

I wanna crash your car
I wanna scratch your cheeks
I wanna make you sick

I wanna sell you out
Want to expose your flaws
I wanna steal your things

I wanna show you off
I wanna tell you lies
I wanna write you books

I wanna turn you on
I wanna make you cum
Two-hundred times a day

I wanna dry tears
Every time your sad
I wanna be your what’s happening

I wanna be your only friend

I only go all the way
This time I’m not pretending

I can’t take the trash
Your trashy friends are spreading about us
They’ve got like fifty personalities
Oh girl, that’s so messed up

You see that sculpture on the hill?
That’s where she cleared me out

They’re monitoring my sub-conscious massacres I know
Bringing it closer to the surface so it’s easily pervertable

I want to be a beast
I want to make you proud
And play with your head

I want to take you out
Make you feel adored
And buy you everything

I want to hurt you bad
Make you paranoid
And say the sweetest things

I want to help you grow
And for eternity
I want to be your what’s happening

What’s happening?

of Montreal is currently touring the States, @matt and I will be heading out to catch their show at the Orpheum next Thursday:

  • Oct 20 2008 Debaser Medis Stockholm SWEDEN
  • Oct 21 2008 Amager Bio Copenhagen DENMARK
  • Oct 24 2008 The Pagaent St. Louis, Missouri
  • Oct 25 2008 First Avenue Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Oct 26 2008 Pabst Theater Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Oct 27 2008 Riviera Chicago, Illinois
  • Oct 28 2008 Queen Elizabeth Theatre Toronto, Ontario
  • Oct 29 2008 Metropolis Montreal, Quebec
  • Oct 30 2008 Orpheum Theatre Boston, Massachusetts
  • Oct 31 2008 Electric Factory Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Nov 1 2008 The National Richmond, Virginia
  • Nov 8 2008 The Tabernacle Atlanta, Georgia
  • Nov 11 2008 Howlin’ Wolf New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Nov 12 2008 Warehouse Live Houston, Texas
  • Nov 13 2008 Fiesta Gardens Austin, Texas
  • Nov 14 2008 House of Blues Dallas, Texas
  • Nov 15 2008 Liberty Hall Lawrence, Kansas
  • Nov 16 2008 Ogden Theatre Denver, Colorado
  • Nov 17 2008 Murray Super Theater Murray, Utah
  • Nov 19 2008 Showbox SoDo Seattle, Washington
  • Nov 20 2008 Roseland Theater Portland, Oregon
  • Nov 21 2008 Regency Center Grand Ballroom San Francisco, California
  • Nov 22 2008 Hollywood Palladium Los Angeles, California
  • Dec 4 2008 The Moon Tallahassee, Florida
  • Dec 5 2008 The Venue Gainesville, Florida
  • Dec 6 2008 Revolution Live Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Dec 8 2008 The Ritz Ybor Tampa, Florida
  • Dec 9 2008 House of Blues Orlando Lake Buena Vista, Florida

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