95 Theses Music Project

Here are the 95 Theses from my long overdue 95 Theses Music Project, or 95 instances of songs sung by females released since September 21, 1993 (when Melissa Etheridge’s album Yes I Am was released), that are, in fact, more worth your while than “Come To My Window”.

You’re able to download each of the songs in six parts:

1. Adele “Hometown Glory”
2. Arcade Fire “Haiti”
3. Au Revoir Simone “Disco Song”
4. Beat the Devil “Plea Bargain”
5. Beat the Devil “Shine in Exile”
6. Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man “Romance”
7. Beth Orton “Best Bit”
8. Beth Orton “Carmella (Four Tet Remix)”
9. Bjork “Hyper-Ballad”
10. Broken Social Scene “Lover’s Spit”

1. Broken Social Scene “Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl”
2. Cake Bake Betty “Eleanor”
3. Cat Power “Say”
4. Cat Power “Back of Your Head”
5. Cat Power “Still In Love”
6. Cat Power “He War”
7. Celebration “Holiday”
8. Chairlift “Planet Health”
9. Cocteau Twins “Lorelei”
10. Cruel Black Dove “Love Song”
11. Dresden Dolls “Girl Anachronism”

1. The Duke Spirit “Love Is An Unfamiliar Name”
2. The Duke Spirit “Lassoo”
3. The Duke Spirit “Sovereign”
4. El Perro del Mar “God Knows (You’ve Got to Give to Get)”
5. Elika “To the End”
6. The Ettes “Marathon”
7. Feist “Mushaboom”
8. Feist “My Man My Moon”
9. Feist “1234”
10. Fight Bite “Widow’s Peak”
11. Florence & the Machine “Kiss With A Fist”
12. George Pringle “Carte Postale”
13. George Pringle “I’ve Very Scared Buster, Yes At Last”
14. The Go! Team “Huddle Formation”
15. Goldfrapp “Train”

1. He Say, She Say “Crash Dummie”
2. He Say, She Say “Modesty is Key”
3. Hearts of Palm “So Long”
4. Ingeborg Seines “Airport”
5. Jamay “You Are the Only One I Love”
6. Jean on Jean “Tonight”
7. Jesca Hoop “Havoc in Heaven”
8. Joanna Newsom “Bridges & Balloons”
9. Joanna Newsom “Sadie”
10. Joanna Newsom “Emily”
11. Juana Molina “Un Dia”

1. Kate Nash “Foundations”
2. The Kills “Black Rooster”
3. The Kills “Rodeo Town”
4. Lavender Diamond “You Broke My Heart”
5. The Limes “Beyond Blue”
6. Liz Fair “Fuck & Run”
7. Lizzy Grant “Kill Kill”
8. Love is All “Felt Tip”
9. Love is All “Turn the TV Off”
10. Lykke Li “Breaking it Up”
11. Lykke Li “Little Bit”
12. M.I.A. “Boyz”
13. M.I.A. “Paper Planes”

1. Nancy “Keep Cooler”
2. New Pornographers “Failsafe”
3. Nicole Atkins “Maybe Tonight”
4. Nouvelle Vague “Love Will Tear Us Apart”
5. The Pipettes “Sex”
6. PJ Harvey “Good Fortune”
7. PJ Harvey “This Is Love”
8. PJ Harvey “Down By The Water”
9. Portishead “The Rip”
10. Rachel Yamagata “Elephants”
11. Rainbow Arabia “I Know I See I Love I Go”
12. Regina Spektor “Samson”
13. Regina Spektor “That Time”

1. Regina Spektor “Us”
2. Rilo Kiley “It’s A Hit”
3. Santogold “I’m A Lady”
4. School of Seven Bells “Chain”
5. Sia “Breathe Me (Four Tet Remix)”
6. Sleater-Kinney “Modern Girl”
7. Soko “I’ll Kill Her”
8. St. Vincent “Marry Me
9. Stars “Celebration Guns”
10. Stereolab “Anemie”
11. Stereolab “Noise of Carpet”

1. Stereolab “Tomorrow Is Already Here”
2. Tegan & Sara “Back In Your Head”
3. Tegan & Sara “Walking With A Ghost”
4. Those Dancing Days “Hitten”
5. Those Dancing Days “Those Dancing Days”
6. Vivian Girls “Damaged”
7. Wildbirds & Peacedrums “I Can’t Tell In His Eyes”
8. Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Modern Romance”
9. Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Turn Into”
10. Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Y Control”
11. Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Maps”

I’ll be posting more pics as I find the time.


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