MusicWeek Recaps Bauer Media’s "Project Phoenix"

(via Coolfer)

Bauer Media has lifted the lid on the five-year research project termed “Project Phoenix” and the UK-based publisher of magazines like FHM/Kerrang! believes their findings demonstrate three key tenets:

  • the importance of music to consumers
  • the breadth of music people listen to
  • an openness among consumers to brands using music

Some of their most substantial findings:

  • 75% of consumers identified themselves as being passionate about music
  • Music was more popular than any other interest tested, with 46% of respondents saying it was one of their favourite interests
  • 69% of the most passionate music fans agreed that brands provide new revenue streams for the industry
  • 44% of respondents consumed more music this year than last year
  • The least passionate music fans consume nearly as many genres as the most passionate fans: 15 out of 26 and 18 out of 26 respectively

Link to the full story.

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