3 New Gorillaz Demos: “Broken”, “Electric Shock” & “Stylo”

Having been wrasssled down by a nasty illness Thursday & Friday, I’m just now making my way through some new music and of that new music just now getting to the 3 new Gorillaz demos Damon Albarn shared when filling in for Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 last week: “Broken”, “Electro Shock” and “Stylo” – included in this post, in that order, as one audio file. After only a first listen, the songs definitely remind me of the music Albarn has been working on lately as part of his Monkey: Journey to the West project, a stage adaptation to the Chinese novel by Wu Cheng’en.

And, if you don’t love Damon Albarn for being a creative genius already, get a load of the message posted on the Gorillaz site by frontman Murdoc Niccals; apparently he felt slighted this Damon Albarn character would be filling in Zane Lowe in his stead:

“Let’s try and clear this up,” said the cartoon creation. “As far as I can work out, I, Murdoc Niccals, the Gorillaz musical auteur, have been requested by the BBC to take over Zane Lowe’s radio show this Wednesday. Sounds simple. They want ‘the guy who wrote all those Gorillaz tunes’.”

He added: “But now apparently ‘Damon Albarn’, is hosting this farce and he’s going to be playing some of the new Gorillaz demos, and ‘would I like to maybe put in an appearance, say hello, kind of thing’. Shurely [sic], some kind of admin mistake. So yeah, folks, I’ll put in an appearance this Wednesday, for sure. Let’s find out who’s hosting who, exactly.”

Gorillaz “Broken”/”Electro Shock”/”Stylo”

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