The Rosebuds “Bow to the Middle”

I apparently I missed a pretty good show. Old buddy RT hit me on Le Book last week after I had invited him to the Glasvegas show in Allston – he’s since checked their s/t and is high on it – wondering if I was catching any shows in the near future, I suggested we hit the Passion Pit show 2/6 in Cambridge (it’s on), and apparently he suggested we hit the Rosebuds show that week or night, I apparently missed this key detail to his FB wall post. Anyway, he said the show was great and, if this song is any indicator, I’m sure it was, and they’re definitely a new artist worth keeping your eye on.

Here’s “Bow to the Middle” from their Life Like.

The Rosebuds “Bow to the Middle”

If you’re a fan and want to check out their live show, it’s okay, you just might get things your way, but probably not:

  • 01.23.09 Charlotte, NC Visulite Theatre w/ Megafaun
  • 01.24.09 Carrboro, NC Cat’s Cradle w/ Megafaun, The Love Language

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