Animal Collective “Brothersport (NPR Live)”

Animal Collective played the 9:30 Club back in Steof 2007 as part of the always awesome NPR Live Concert Series; here’s the recap:, September 28, 2007 – Animal Collective makes wildly experimental sound collages its members describe as “sonic, freeform, electronic, horror, gospel, hip-hop, soul, pop madness.” To some, it’s more noise than music. But to the group’s fans, Animal Collective is making the most inventive and playfully refreshing sounds of the year. Hear the band in a full concert, recorded live from the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. Sept. 28, 2007.

Animal Collective consists of four friends who grew up playing and recording together in Baltimore County, Md. The group officially became a band in 2000, with the members each adopting new names: Avey Tare (David Portner), Panda Bear (Noah Lennox), Deakin (Josh Dibb) and Geologist (Brian Weitz).

In the seven years since the band formed, it’s released six studio albums and one live record. Animal Collective’s latest CD, on the Domino label, is the appropriately named Strawberry Jam: a sticky-sweet mixture of mashed-up musical elements, from noise pop and fringe folk to ambient drones and psychedelia, with crunchy seeds of noise rock.

In an online statement to fans, Animal Collective says, “Don’t be surprised if you come to see us and it’s not what you thought it would be, and try not to get too upset.” The group adds that it hopes its music is “at times totally pleasing and at others completely scary and confusing, but most importantly is refreshing in this crazy, crazy world.”

Set List (Dwnld YSI Folder):

  1. “Dreamer”
  2. “Peacebone”
  3. “House”
  4. “Bearhug”
  5. “Who Could Win a Rabbit”
  6. “Grace”
  7. “Pan Flute Jam”
  8. “Derek”
  9. “Fireworks”
  10. “Daily Routine”
  11. “Brother Sport” (mp3)
  12. “No More Runnin'”
  13. “Unsolved Mysteries”
  14. “Leaf House”
  15. “#1”
  16. “We Tigers”

And, for the uninitiated, Animal Collective are:
Avey Tare (David Portner; vocals, guitar, samples, keys, percussion) – Name comes from “tearing” apart the name Davey, hence Avey Tare.
Deakin (Josh Dibb; guitar, vocals) – Name comes from letters he used to write to other members under the name Conrad Deacon.
Geologist (Brian Weitz; electronics, samples, vocals) – Name comes from the headlamp he wears in order to see the electronics during live shows. Also, people mistakenly thought Brian was in geology, rather than marine biology in college.
Panda Bear (Noah Lennox; vocals, percussion, samples, guitar) – Name comes from the panda he drew on the first set of songs he ever wrote.

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