Favorite New Music Web Spot: Sinkane DOT WordPress

This past weekend I was reunited with one of the sweetiest dudes going, Ahmed aka Sinkane, who caught me up on all new projects he’s set to work on, and has been working on – touring with of Montreal [see pics (the one on the left: you know you’re thinking ‘damn, I wish that was me’) & video from their performance on Letterman], a Daytrotter sesh, Twitter updates – and all of the music he’s been checking out lately.Head over to his WordPress blog (and bookmark it) and check out, among everything else, ANALOG AFRICA SELECTION VOL. 2, for a taste of what everyone in the Western world (including me until 30 minutes ago) has been missing out on.

Out with Sinkane was another homey, Zack, who is now working at Two Syllable Records with, among other awesome new artists, NewVillager, who I posted about last week.

UPDATE: Sinkane music for your listening pleasure:

Sinkane “Autobahn” feature on Pitchfork (streaming audio above):

Free Sinkane digital 7″ on Actual Archives:

Free Sinkane Live Download:

  1. Desert Blues
  2. Blown
  3. The Glow/White Light
  4. Apache Beat
  5. Great Ghost
  6. Ambient Weeks
  7. Big Sky
  8. Tan Airplane

Enjoy Sinkane playing with of Montreal on Letterman:

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