On Repeat: The Antlers “Two”


I was just surfing around RCRD LBL and checked out a song an old buddy posted called “Two” from their forthcoming release Hospice, which you should buy here now, and now all I can think is: The Antlers are so good – and they have a blog (just thought I’d throw that in there).

And, and, and, they have some events, like tour dates and such, in the very near future:

  • Mar 5 2009 HOSPICE RELEASE SHOW at UNION HALL w/ Physics of Meaning, Brilliant Mistakes, special guests Brooklyn
  • Mar 9 2009 M ROOM Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Mar 10 2009 METRO GALLERY Baltimore, Maryland
  • Mar 11 2009 BLACK CAT (BACKSTAGE) D.C., Washington DC
  • Mar 12 2009 NIGHT LIGHT Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  • Mar 13 2009 TIN ROOF Charleston, South Carolina
  • Mar 14 2009 tba
  • Mar 15 2009 ALABAMA MUSIC BOX w/ Caddywhompus Mobile, Alabama
  • Mar 16 2009 SATURN BAR w/ Motel Motel, Caddywhompus New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Mar 17 2009 BOONDOCKS w/ Spain Colored Orange Houston, Texas
  • Mar 18 2009 sxsw tba Austin, Texas
  • Mar 19 2009 sxsw tba Austin, Texas
  • Mar 20 2009 sxsw tba Austin, Texas
  • Mar 21 2009 sxsw tba Austin, Texas
  • Mar 22 2009 RUBBER GLOVES w/ Asobi Seksu, Tyvek Denton, Texas
  • Mar 23 2009 tba
  • Mar 24 2009 tba
  • Mar 25 2009 NORTHSIDE TAVERN Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Mar 26 2009 CAFE BOURBON ST Columbus, Ohio
  • Mar 27 2009 BRILLOBOX Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

More music by The Antlers:
Hospice (coming March 3, 2009)

The entire New York Hospitals EP (2008):

  • Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing (Magnetic Fields cover)
  • Sylvia (an introduction)
  • Tears Are In Your Eyes (Yo La Tengo cover)

The entire Cold War EP (2007):

Selections from In The Attic Of The Universe (2007):

The entire February Tape EP (2007):

Selections from Uprooted (2006):


About The Antlers:
When he moved to Manhattan in the winter of 2006, Peter Silberman disappeared for a year and a half. He stayed cocooned in his apartment, hiding away from friends, family, and most of the city. When Silberman emerged in the spring of 2007, he was twenty-one, liberated, and broken. He set out to explain his absence through a record that would take another year and a half to complete.

Silberman moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn, where he spent most of his waking hours working on what was to become Hospice, an elegy for his disappearance. Hospice began as Silberman’s solo bedroom arrangements and recordings. As the album became more fully realized, he began to assemble friends to contribute: Darby Cicci (trumpet, bowed banjo), Justin Stivers (bass), Michael Lerner (drums), and Sharon Van Etten (guest vocals). Cicci and Lerner remain as core members of the live band.

Hospice is evidence of The Antlers’—and Silberman’s–maturation. 2007’s nuanced, upbeat In the Attic of the Universe was initially self-released for free, and became The Antlers’ unexpected under-the-radar breakthrough thanks to blog word-of-mouth. This record, in addition to its two free follow-up EPs (2007’s swirling Cold War and 2008’s druggier New York Hospitals), chronicle The Antlers’ evolution from detailed dream pop to densely layered narrative shoegaze, from solo effort to band.

Hospice is a heartbreaking concept album that plays as a novel or film. It fuses the literacy of Neutral Milk Hotel or Okkervil River with the grandiosity of Sigur Ros, Cursive, or Godspeed You! Black Emperor, finished by the shimmery haze of My Bloody Valentine and heightened by Silberman’s Jeff-Buckley-like vocals. The album began as an explanation of Silberman’s disappearance, but ultimately, it transcended that goal: it is an affecting memoir of dysfunction and isolation, and a reminder never to lose oneself again.

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